Jad Hamdan

Jad Hamdan

@ McGill University.

I'm currently working at McGill University.

My research interests lie in probability theory and its applications (namely the study of random discrete structures, probabilistic analysis of algorithms and statistical learning theory) as well as number theory. My current research is in density estimation under Prof. Luc Devroye. Prior to that, I studied random trees under Prof. Louigi Addario-Berry and friends.

For a list of publications and preprints, see my Google Scholar.

I've had the honour and privilege of working with many student organizations during my past few years at McGill. My favourite of these experiences was being one of the McGill AI Society's two academic lecturers during the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters. This gave me the opportunity to develop and co-teach an introductory machine learning course to undergraduate students, for which I co-wrote a textbook.

When I'm not studying, you'll find me reading or pursuing other passions such as cooking and playing the piano. My favourite composers are Rachmaninoff (whose handspan plagues both my friend Anna and I) and Ravel.